What We Offer

The Restorative Justice Practices Program facilitates various types of community gatherings, all grounded in restorative justice practices. If you have any questions about the circle offerings or want to schedule a consultation meeting, please contact us at [email protected].

Request a Circle

  • RJP Presentation – an experiential learning presentation on restorative justice practices
  • Community Circles – a proactive way to strengthen group cohesion and trust among community members
  • RJ in the Lab – a program designed specifically for research labs that wish to build and nourish an inclusive working environment (external link)
  • Dialogue/Healing Circles – intended for participants to share their responses and perspectives regarding a particular event and find support from the community
  • Restorative Circles – an approach to repairing harm that has already been done within a community and trust needs to be rebuilt
  • Restorative Justice Conferences – a facilitated meeting in which an individual takes responsibility and expresses remorse for harmful actions
  • Support Circles – gathering to facilitate the re-entry and integration of affected parties back into the group/community

"Pyramid" of support with support circles at top, then RJ circles and RJ conference, and community circles at bottom