Community Circles

Community circles create a space for participants with varying values, experiences, and backgrounds to have a productive conversation that centers on storytelling, listening, and empathy to increase their understanding of one another. Some of our Community Circle offerings include:  

Community Building Circle: Strengthen group cohesion among community members that are newly formed groups or existing groups.

Healing Circles: Process a moment, incident, or national event with a supportive group that may have shared experiences.  

Impact Circle: Explore the impact of a collective witnessing of harm, map out individual needs, and problem-solve collaboratively for a path forward.    

Community of Practice Circle: a space for trained restorative justice facilitators to connect, find support, and share best practices to create a culture that fosters mutual respect, empathy, and trust.

Who are community circles for? 

Community circles work best for groups, teams, classes, departments, or units interested in incorporating a community-building activity that promotes a sense of belonging for its members. Community circles can be implemented as stand-alone events or integrated into an existing program, training, or team-building event.  

  • Newly-formed groups: Holding a community circle with a group of people who do not yet know each other well, such as a new cohort of students or a newly formed research team, can help the group start on the right foot.
  • Existing groups: Holding a community circle for a group that has been together for a while can strengthen trust, show support, and instill a fresh sense of camaraderie.

How can I request one? 

All of our circle offerings are adaptable to the specific needs of the individuals and groups involved. Please complete a circle request form if you are interested in arranging a facilitated circle for your community, and we will schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your request.

Request a community circle

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