Community Circles

Community circles represent an approach to community building grounded in restorative justice practices and principles. Community circles provide a safe space for participants with varying values, experiences, and backgrounds to have productive conversations centering on a topic that will build bridges among them, for example, how to be an ally, dealing with burnout, imposter syndrome, or sharing personal values. The RJP team works with the circle requestor to choose a discussion topic that will generate meaningful dialogue among circle participants and strengthen their relationships with one another.

Who are community circles for?

Community circles work best for groups, classes, teams, or organizations interested in incorporating a community-building activity that promotes a sense of belonging for its members. Community circles can be implemented as stand-alone events or integrated into an existing program, training, or team-building event. 

  • Newly-formed groups: Holding a community circle with a group of people who do not yet know each other well, such as a new cohort of students or a newly formed research team, can help the group start on the right foot.
  • Existing groups: Holding a community circle for a group that has been together for a while can strengthen trust, show support, and instill a fresh sense of camaraderie.

How can I request one? 

All of our circle offerings are adaptable to the specific needs of the individuals and groups involved. Please complete a circle request form if you are interested in arranging a facilitated circle for your community, and we will schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your request.

Request a community circle

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