We've grown!
The Office of Restorative Justice Practices now serves the entire UCSF community.
Paving the Way
Applying RJ practices proactively creates a path to collaboration and mutually beneficial working relationships.

A Way to Strengthen Community and to Address Harm

The Restorative Mindset

The relational value of restorative justice is connected to the Indigenous belief that we are interconnected with one another as human beings. At UCSF, we are integrating the restorative mindset into efforts focused on strengthening our community proactively by forging trust, building understanding, and creating the foundation for healthy working relationships among and between students, colleagues, faculty, and leadership. The goal is to create a harmonious community where harmful acts are unlikely; but when harm is done, RJ practices can be applied as a response to address the harm, identify individual and community needs, and restore the community.

The wide application of restorative justice practices has the potential to transform people, relationships, and whole communities, including our UCSF community. It is UCSF's responsibility to nurture an environment that supports UCSF’s Principles of Community and our UCSF PRIDE Values. Incorporating restorative justice practices into our UCSF community is a powerful way of doing just that.