About the RJP Program


Due to the interconnectivity of the UCSF community and in recognition of the value of RJP services, Chancellor Sam Hawgood, with full support of senior leadership, provided funding for the expansion of RJP services. While resources and staffing continue to be limited, the Restorative Justice Practices program, previously only offered to students, will now be available to all trainees, faculty, and staff across the entire UCSF organization. Formerly a unit within Student Academic Affairs, the program is now housed within the overarching Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

Chancellor Hawgood highlighted the RJP program in his 2021 State of the University Address in October 2021:


Maria Jaochico, MEd
Maria Jaochico, MEd

The RJP Program is led by Maria Jaochico, MEd, who has worked at UCSF in the role of director of student rights and responsibilities in Student Life since 2016. She is currently pursuing a doctor of education degree in higher education administration from the University of West Georgia, where her research focuses on the implementation of restorative justice practices in graduate-level education settings. She already holds a master of education degree in student affairs administration from Clemson University. Maria's warmth and genuine caring for the well-being of students and others in the UCSF community shine through in every one of the almost 100 circles that she has facilitated to date. 

Juri Sanchez, MSW
Juri Sanchez, MSW


Juri Sanchez is the program coordinator of the RJP Program. Juri is a proud first-generation Latina, born and raised in the Bay Area, who is dedicated to the success of her community. Her passion for advancing equity and social justice is informed by her trajectory navigating the education system and growing up in a single-parent immigrant household. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from San Francisco State University and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan.

Over the past seven years, Juri has contributed to improving K-12 education, higher education, and immigration policy- through direct services, program development, and policy advocacy. In her roles, she specialized in building community by co-creating collaborative environments where people felt a sense of belonging. In addition, Juri has facilitated workshops that strengthened relationships among students, faculty, and administrators by using restorative justice practices and has partnered with scholars abroad to research and analyze restorative justice practices globally. Her work led her to hold positions at San Francisco Unified School District, University of Michigan, Learning Policy Institute, and Homies Empowerment.

What People Are Saying

The response to RJ efforts at UCSF so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  Here are a few comments from community members.

  • "There are things in graduate school that affect many of us but that can be difficult to discuss, even among friends. Things like mental health, imposter syndrome, and your relationship with your thesis advisor. Circles have given folks in my program a unique space to discuss these topics, and I believe our community is stronger for it. And I feel more comfortable continuing these conversations offline than I otherwise would have." – Graduate Student
  • "Restorative Justice circles offered me the opportunity to build relationships in a way the institution rarely allows; it created a space for everyone in the circle to be open and honest, at our own pace. The circle both facilitated a space for us to share what really matters to us, and also makes sure that when we share, that we are supported after we put ourselves out there. Circle helps breaks down the hierarchies which are assigned and which we mold to in these fixed and rigid hierarchies, and allows us to see each other not as figures, disconnected email signatures, or twitter feeds, but as real human people with an incredible capacity for mistakes, compassion, and growth." – School of Medicine student
  • "It's important that everyone knows that there is a space where they will be heard and feel safe to speak vulnerably and from the heart. I've been working at UCSF for 15 years now and I never experienced this space until RJP circles. Just doing community building circles and hearing my colleagues share their values helps me connect with them and understand them better." – Lauren Cox, Office Manager, Student Life
  • "I have had the privilege of being a Restorative Justice (RJ) participant and facilitator. The tools used in RJ helps to create a space where participants can find community with others through active sharing and listening.  RJ has helped me become more mindful and a better listener. I am grateful that UCSF is supporting RJ and hope that it is used more to close the gaps that divide us so we can be one united community." – Peter Weber, Product Manager, School of Nursing