Restorative Approaches

A restorative approach is a way to repair relational harm that has been done interpersonally or within a community. Participants in a restorative conversation are encouraged to be open and honest when addressing what happened, who was harmed, what was the impact, and what is needed to restore respect, dignity, and care for everyone involved. Here are our offerings for restorative approaches: 

Restorative Conversation: A responsive approach to relational harm that has occurred interpersonally or within a community, and parties would like to rebuild trust and restore their relationship.

Healing Circle: Process a moment, incident, or national event with a supportive group that may have shared experiences.  

Impact Circle: Explore the impact of a collective witnessing of harm, map out individual needs, and problem-solve collaboratively for a path forward.  

When are restorative approaches used?

Restorative approaches are a space for individuals and/or the community to gather as a response to experiences of relational harm. The impacted individual(s) discuss what happened, the impact it has on them and the community, and what is needed to make things right. Common examples include microaggressions that are witnessed in a classroom and work environment or conflicts as a result of miscommunication between individuals.   

How can I request one? 

All of our offerings are adaptable to the specific needs of the individuals and groups involved. Please complete a circle request form if you are interested in arranging a facilitated circle for your community and we will schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your request.


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