Restorative Circles

A restorative circle is an approach to repairing harm that has been done within a community. Participants in a restorative circle are encouraged to be open and honest about their perspectives regarding a conflict, how they have been harmed, and how they think others might have been harmed. Participants also work together to come up with ways to fix the harm that was done and restore relationships. People external to the group who support someone in the group may also be included.

When are restorative circles used?

Restorative Circles is a space for the community to gather as a response to wrongdoing or conflict. The community impacted discusses what happened, the impact it has on the community, and what is needed to make things right. Common examples include microaggressions that are witnessed in a classroom or conflicts as a result of miscommunication between members of a group. Restorative circles give every participant an opportunity to speak and be heard. 

How can I request one? 

All of our circle offerings are adaptable to the specific needs of the individuals and groups involved. Please complete a circle request form if you are interested in arranging a facilitated circle for your community and we will schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your request.

Request a RESTORATIVE circle

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