Restorative Justice Conferences

A restorative justice conference is an opportunity for an individual to take responsibility and expresses remorse about the impact they had on other community members and to voice their desire to repair any harm caused. Individuals often report feeling that the restorative justice conference process was very meaningful because they actually took a role in determining the outcomes with the impacted parties.

A restorative justice conference is an alternative resolution to resolve incidents that do not involve the filing of allegations and alleged policy violation(s). A restorative justice conference involves at least the person who created the harm and the person(s) most directly affected. 

What kinds of questions might the RJ conference facilitator ask?*

The person who caused the harm may be asked questions like:

  • “What happened?”
  • “What were you thinking about at the time?”
  • “What have you thought about since?”
  • “Who has been affected by what you have done?”
  • “What do you think you need to do to make things right?”

The person or people who were harmed may be asked questions like:

  • “What did you think when you realized what happened?”
  • “What impact has the incident had on you and others?”
  • “What has been the hardest thing for you?”
  • “What do you think needs to happen to make things right?”

How can I request an RJ conference? 

All of our circle offerings are adaptable to the specific needs of the individuals and groups involved. Please complete a circle request form if you are interested in arranging a facilitated circle for your community and we will schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your request.

Request a restorative justice conference

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